LogCom-Q/UniLogCom-Q Ultrasound doppler

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Category: Discharge Measurement  –  Sensors, Data Logger, Remote transmission

  • Robust, compact, multi-channel data logger with an integrated cellular modem optimized for continuous flow measurement in small channels, streams, and partially filled pipes.
  • Available in various formats LogCom-Q with an impact-resistant aluminum protective housing, suspended battery compartment and a threaded connection for monitoring well pipes of Ø4″ and UnilogCom-Q for installation in existing protective housings/switch cabinets
  • Backlit LCD with three multi-function buttons to display current measured values ​​and system states
  • Vertically or horizontally insertable, 1.04 MHz pulse-doppler-sensor for detecting flow velocity profiles in max. 18 cells
  • integrated ultrasonic sensor for precise measurement of water level (0.1% FS) up to 1.3 m
  • Transfer Options: mobile data retrieval, FTP Push, TCP push, SMS push, SMS Alarms
  • Connection options for additional sensors (e.g. SEBA pressure probe DS 22)