Data Logger Dipper-APT Absolute Pressure

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Category: Groundwater  –  Data Logger

  • High-performance 32 bit measurement data collector with an absolute pressure sensor for measuring points prone to over-flooding and for swelling pressure measurements at great depths
  • Precise, long-life, stable ceramic-capacitive absolute pressure sensor, for measuring ranges up to max. 20 bar, NTC30 temperature sensor with an 0.3 °C (standard) or 0.1 °C (optional) accuracy
  • Sturdy, sleek Ø 22 mm stainless-steel case
  • XL ring memory for approximately 1.120.000 measurement data
  • Replaceable lithium batteries for about 8-10 years service life
  • Operation with notebook, tablet, PC, smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth (optional)
  • Air pressure compensation with additional Baro-Dipper and Software DEMASdb
  • Modularly expandable with a data transmission module SlimCom
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