Transmission System

Whether via GSM/GPRS network or via satellite transmission - we make continious access to your data and weather stations possible.




The online data logger with integrated GSM / GPRS modem. Up to 32 channels with SMS alarms. Data transmission can be done via GSM, GPRS, FTP push or SMS.

Wind Velocity Sensor


The satellite transmission system for worldwide use. No time slots, therefore transmissions whenever it is necessary. Full duplex transmission. Ideal for flood forecasting and alarm systems.

Radio Transmission


The SEBA radio transmission technology with its optimized transmission protocol is a very reliable kind of data transmission. Different frequencies allow networks up to 100 km distance. With repeater stations complete regions can be covered.



With the proffessional network technology the simultanous transmission from several stations is possible. Photo and picture transmission can be done up to 50 km.